Welcome to The Birches Restaurant

Our Restaurant and Bar is Open

Muskoka hospitality and dining overlooking
Peninsula Lake Huntsville Muskoka.

The Birches Restaurant promotes local suppliers and features menu
offerings that highlight local products.

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7:30 AM to 10:30 AM


5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Muskoka Menus

Meet Our Chefs

Hidden Valley’s Chefs are a team of international cooks headed by local specialists. Inspired by local demand and the whim of flavour compositions, you will be delighted by the hearty portions, delivered in a dining room with a truly stunning view.

Family friendly and built with heart, the Chefs curate delicious meals that are classic with a twist of trendy. Each dish is prepared to order, which gives you time to enjoy your company. Each Chef has a philosophy of fresh and local, with an emphasis on the finishing touch. They have a passion for the elements, including the earthy and subtle, time built flavours. Together the team is building a food structure of delicious and popular dishes that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are here to celebrate
the Big Day, time away or a corporate meeting, We wish you Bon Apetit!