shipping to canada from US

shipping to canada from US

Cross border shipping is costly even if shipping to Canada from the US. This can be particularly true when shipping less than a load across the border. Vans LTL offers cross border shopping solutions every day of the week.

How difficult is it to ship to Canada?

Canada seems like a friendly country. We share a border, language, and business with our neighbors to the North.

With such a friendly and stable relationship, it would seem that shipping between countries would be seamless. This is not the case.

Cross-border shipping is an intricate dance between politicians who negotiate trade deals, customs agents who enforce different sets of laws, and the businesses conducting cross-border trade. Each country works for the people who they serve.

Cross-border regulations with Canada

Regulations impact everything. Customs enforcement seeks to prevent seeds from crossing between the countries as well as certain products.

Each country imposes different tariffs on goods as well. Not accounting for this additional cost can lead to increased shipping times in addition to unwanted cost.

Reducing the Burden of Cross-border Trade

Major international companies use third party logistics firms to ship large quantities of goods across the border. The contacts logistics partners have hlp speed up shipping and reduce cost.

It is not always possible for a company to pay for shipping experts. Many companies require a full load to cross the border. That is, it often takes a trailer full of goods or a regular working relationship to benefit.

Is there a way for my business to ship to Canada LTL?

The barrier to entry into cost effective logistics may seem daunting but there are options available. Increase your reach with courier services taking less than a full load.

LTL shipping options bring the power of professional trucking services to companies with occasional or light cross-border trade. Vans LTL Courier and Logistics allows partners of all sizes to reach across the border.

Scaling Shipping to Canada

The Canadian market is large. It is the ninth largest in the world at $1.64 trillion. Reaching the 37.59 million consumers means being able to deliver in a timely manner as your company grows.

Finding a partner who can handle logistics needs of all sizes is vital for any business. Vans LTL works with you whether you ship two or thousands of loads to increase efficiency and reduce barriers to entry into a vast new market.

Benefits of Using a LTL Partner

There are benefits beyond reaching a new customer base. LTL shipping can be cheaper and more efficient than sending packages through the mail.

The benefits include:

  • Saving up to 40% or more on shipping costs
  • A reduction in the cost of returns
  • Reduced damages

Do not become a victim to the standard mail service.

Shipping to Canada from the US

Finding the right logistics strategy is crucial to the survival of your business. Do not let your business lose out to the competition. Grow with an LTL courier service.

Get in touch with Vans LTL Courier and Logistics today.

shipping to canada from US
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shipping to canada from US
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