Overnight Charters To Dry Tortugas

Overnight Charters To Dry Tortugas

The Florida Keys is a little piece of Caribbean heaven within the United States. This area and its surroundings are the only tropical climate available in North America. The farthest point of the Florida Keys is Dry Tortugas National Park. It is 70 miles away from Key West. This park is the establishment of Juan Ponce de Leon and has a myriad of reefs, islands, and shoals.

Daytime trips will give you a clear perception of all the magic, while overnight charters to Dry Tortugas will provide you with an ecstatic and starry experience. This location has loads of various fish species that are visible with the water's pristine clarity. Y-Knot will do the prissy part of the trip's organization on your behalf. Apart from the continued fishing activity after departure from Key West to the Dry Tortugas, you will enjoy the following exercises if you get overnight charters.


Sleeping under the stars in the watery wild is no longer a romantic or childhood dream. You will not need to carry a ton of blankets or coverings because Dry Tortuga has warm tropical breezes for the more significant part of the year. An overnight charter will suit any traveler, including family or friend groupings.

The park has an oasis that serves refreshments like soft drinks, rum, margaritas, and strawberry daiquiris. The snacks may interest your children or yourself with an assortment of ice cream, pizza, burgers, soft pretzels, and candy bars. You will also get a shopping option for light vitalities such as lotion, play cards, and disposable cameras to capture activities around the park.

Beach Walks

Overnight charters to Dry Tortugas will give you a precious opportunity of enjoying the night sky and powdery sand. You may want to carry your swimming suit for nighttime dips and in the blue shoreline waters.


Do you enjoy snorkeling? Have you had a snorkeling session at night? The park has shallow snorkeling waters of between five to fifteen feet in depth. This setup is safe for all ages and all times of night or day.

Fort Jefferson

The surrounding picnic tables will give you a relaxation ground for you and your friends as you tour the pre-civil war building. This historic building has full narration from the guides, who talk about its construction story during the civil war and its interesting architectural design. Fort Jefferson is a concrete building on the island in the middle of the ocean.

Bird watching

Dry Tortugas has thousands of bird species, such as yellow-billed cuckoo, peregrine falcon, throated hummingbird, and the white-eyed vireo. The island is a landing spot for birds migrating between north and south of the Americas. You may be in luck of spotting or hearing a few nighttime birds that reside within the park.

Y-Knot has a fully equipped boat with a separate pilothouse, six bunk beds, and an independent kitchen. You will have four air conditioners, an air compressor and generator to long journeys. The design will facilitate overnight charters to Dry Tortugas with ultimate comfort and functionality.

Overnight Charters To Dry Tortugas
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Overnight Charters To Dry Tortugas
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