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Year-Round Adventures

Welcome to Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka

Nestled in the heart of Ontario's picturesque landscape, Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka offers an unparalleled experience for families, couples, and adventurers seeking the best resorts in Muskoka. Our unique location at 1755 Valley Rd. in Huntsville, ON, combines the thrill of ski-side activities with the serene beauty of lake-side relaxation, making it the only resort in the region to offer such a dynamic blend. Let me take you on a journey through what makes Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka a beacon of hospitality and a memorable retreat in Muskoka.

Year-Round Adventures

At Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka, the adventure never stops. Winter transforms the landscape into a snowy paradise, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and sledding. Our slopes cater to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, providing an exhilarating experience for all skill levels. When the snow melts away, the lake takes center stage, offering activities such as kayaking, fishing, and swimming, ensuring that the fun continues throughout the year.

Unequaled Amenities

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services and amenities that cater to the needs of every guest. From our comfortable rooms offering spectacular views to M Spa, a sanctuary designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, every aspect of Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka is crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Our on-site restaurant serves a variety of delicious dishes that reflect the culinary diversity of Muskoka, making every meal an unforgettable experience.

Family-First Focus

Understanding the importance of family vacations, Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka has curated a range of activities and amenities aimed at families. Our indoor pool and hot tub are perfect for relaxing after a day filled with outdoor adventures, while the variety of winter sports ensures that families can create lasting memories together. Our commitment to providing a family-friendly environment makes us one of the best resorts in Muskoka for those precious family moments.

A Haven for Celebrations

Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka isn't just about adventures and relaxation. It's also a sought-after destination for weddings, meetings, and social events. Our stunning backdrop, combined with top-notch facilities, makes every event magical and memorable. Whether you're planning an intimate wedding ceremony by the lake or a corporate event, our dedicated team is here to ensure everything goes smoothly, making your special occasions even more special.

Seasonal Beauty and Charm

One of the most captivating aspects of Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka is its ability to showcase the changing seasons of Muskoka in all their glory. From the vibrant colors of fall to the serene snowscapes of winter, each season brings its own unique charm to the resort. This ever-changing natural beauty makes every visit a new experience, inviting guests to return time and again to witness the splendor of Muskoka through the seasons.

Unique Experiences

We go beyond the expected to offer unique experiences that enrich your stay. Our connection to the local community allows us to provide exclusive insights into Muskoka's culture and traditions. From guided nature walks that explore the local flora and fauna to cozy campfire nights under the stars, these special moments are what make Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka stand out among the best resorts in Muskoka.

Dedication to Hospitality

Our team at Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka is committed to making your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. From the moment you arrive, you'll be greeted with warm smiles and a helpful hand, ready to assist with any request. This unwavering dedication to hospitality ensures that every aspect of your stay, from check-in to check-out, is seamless and satisfying.

Contact Us

Ready to experience the best of Muskoka at Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka? For reservations or inquiries about our services and offerings, please contact us at or call +1 800-465-4171 or 705-789-2301. Visit our website for more information on accommodations, dining options, and event planning. Embark on an unforgettable journey to Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka and discover the magic of this exclusive destination in the heart of Muskoka.

Seasonal Beauty and Charm

Which resort was the first major resort on the northern lakes of Muskoka?

When discussing the origins of tourism and hospitality in Muskoka, it's often pointed to the Windermere House as the pioneering establishment. Opening its doors in 1870 on Lake Rosseau, Windermere House has the honor of being one of the first major resorts in the Muskoka region. It started as a small hotel that catered to adventurous travelers and fishermen drawn by the untouched beauty and abundant fish stocks of the Northern Lakes. Over the years, it grew in size and reputation, becoming a cornerstone of Muskoka's emergence as a premier destination for relaxation and natural exploration. This bit of history not only showcases the long-standing tradition of hospitality in Muskoka but also reflects how these early establishments set the stage for the high-quality resorts guests enjoy today, like Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka.

Where is the best place to live in Muskoka?

Deciding on the best place to live in Muskoka largely depends on what one is looking for. For those who crave a community feel with access to amenities, arts, and culture, Huntsville is a top choice. It combines the charm of small-town living with a vibrant arts scene and outdoor activities year-round, making it an ideal spot for families and individuals alike. Living in or near Huntsville also offers the convenience of proximity to Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka, where residents can enjoy various recreational activities or dine at our acclaimed restaurant. However, for those seeking more seclusion and direct access to the serene beauty of Muskoka's natural landscapes, opting for a lakeside home on Lake Muskoka or Lake Rosseau might be preferable. Each location in Muskoka has its unique charm, blending natural beauty with community warmth, making it one of the most desirable places to live in Canada.

Where was the Royal Muskoka Hotel located?

The Royal Muskoka Hotel once stood majestically on the shores of Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. Opened in 1901, it was renowned for its grandeur and became a symbol of the luxurious resort lifestyle available in Muskoka during the early 20th century. The hotel was a beacon for wealthy tourists seeking escape and relaxation in the beautiful Muskoka landscape. Unfortunately, the Royal Muskoka Hotel met its end in a fire in the 1950s, marking the close of an era. Its location on Lake Rosseau is still remembered fondly by those interested in the rich history of tourism and hospitality in Muskoka, serving as a reminder of how the area has long been a destination for luxury and leisure.

How many lakes are there in Muskoka?

Muskoka is renowned for its sprawling, picturesque lake district, which is home to over 1,600 lakes. This abundance of lakes plays a central role in the identity and appeal of the region, providing endless opportunities for water sports, fishing, boating, and simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of nature. The largest and most famous of these are the "Big Three": Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph. Each lake has its unique charm and character, offering a diverse range of experiences for visitors and residents alike. At Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka, we are privileged to have direct access to the pristine waters, allowing our guests to experience the quintessential Muskoka lake-life from the comfort of our resort.

What unique experiences does Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka offer?

At Hidden Valley Resort Muskoka, we pride ourselves on providing more than just a place to stay; we offer a gateway to unique experiences that capture the essence of Muskoka. One of the aspects that set us apart is our unparalleled location that allows for both ski-side and lake-side activities, making us a year-round destination. Guests can hit the slopes right on our doorstep during the winter months or explore the crystal-clear waters of the lake in the summer. Furthermore, our M Spa provides a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering treatments that integrate the serene natural beauty of our surroundings. Our connection with the local community also means we can offer guests exclusive insights into Muskoka's rich culture and traditions, from guided nature walks to explore the local flora and fauna to cozy campfire nights under the stars. These moments create not just a vacation, but a truly memorable experience that guests cherish long after they leave. What activities are you most looking forward to trying during your visit to Muskoka?


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